Has your wooden deck:

  • Lost its appeal?

  • Is it grey?

  • Are you worried about splinters, nails, mold or wood deterioration?


LaPorte Painting’s 3-step process will revitalize your deck and get you back to enjoying the outdoors!

1) Evaluation:

We provide a free evaluation of your wood deck to determine its condition. If we are able to revitalize the existing wood, we provide a written bid explaining all the work to be done.

2) Cleaning:

We remove any old stain or sealer with a stripper, apply a cleaning solution to kill, loosen, and lift the algae and dirt, power wash the deck, and apply a wood brightener to bring back the wood’s natural beautiful appearance.

3) Treatment and Preservation:

We apply a penetrating preservative that protects the wood from the sun’s UV rays, repels water, and resists algae.